Monday, February 7, 2011




WOD 1:

21 squat cleans
3 shuttle runs
15 sq. cl.
6 sr
9 sq. cl.
9 sr

WOD 2:

5 hot potato squats (3 potatoes, 1 squat)
15 med ball situps (situp with the ball and leave it between your legs then go back down without the ball and then situp again to grab the ball: that's 1 rep)

5 rounds


  1. Can't remember what my time was on Wod 1, just that as usual I was last. 12k

    Wod 2 finished in 7:something ish 12k

    Not my favorite WODS. Don't like doing the hot potatoe...maybe because I feel awkward & uncoordinated. Would like to do more w/ KTE, pullups, DU's, etc. some of the things we don't do often enough.

    On a side note...would like to see some kind speciality class offered for Kbell whether it's strenght focused or stregth & form focused. Also when is another balance seminar going to be offered. Maybe something gymnastic based?

  2. 1: Don't remember time, but used 12k
    2: 9:36, 12k, 6# Abs are SORE!

    I don't mind the hot potato squats, but not a fan of the lateral shuffle - hurts my knees!

  3. I almost twisted my ankle on the lateral shuffle Christine. Definitely is harder than it appears. I move like an ox carrying a heavy load back & forth :+)

  4. 1 - Not sure about time, but used a 16k.

    2 - 7:53? with a 16K (I remember being happy about the time, but can't remember exactly what it was.)

    I would also like to do some more pull-ups and ring stuff. One of my goals for this year is to be able to do strict pull-ups.