Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KU WOD 2.27.13

Warm Up: 2 rds
A. 40ft walking lunge body weight
 1. x1
B. 2xbell clean
 1. x8
C. 2xbell front squat
 1. x4
D. 40ft 2xbell rack carry
 1. x1

KU WOD: 5rds superset A+B, AHAP!
A. 2xbell russian swing
 1. x8
B. 2xbell single leg deadlift
 1.x3 r
 2.x3 l

KU WOD: 9 sets/mins, EMOM start w 50yrd run
SETS: max effort
1. strict press r
2. strict press l
3. push press r
4. push press l
5. push jerk r
6. push jerk l
7. kbell horn squat
8. air squat
9. jumping air squat

Monday, February 25, 2013

KU WOD 2.25.13

Warm Up: 2 rds
A. 2xbell cl and j, mix pushups, box jumps
 1. x9

A. 3x2  2r/2l (regular tgu)
 1. 16kg
 2. 24kg
 3. 32kg
B. 2x3 3r/3l (bubtgu--bottom up bell tgu)
 1. ahap
 2. barbell or heaviest bell
C. 3x1 BB tgu and Bell tgu
 1. ahap!

A. 1min kb russian swings @32/24
-1 min rest

B. 1min kb russian swings @32/24
1min clean and strict press @24/16
-1min rest

C. 1min kb russian
1min clean and strict press
1min air squat
-1min rest

D. 1min swings
1min cl and press
1min air squats
1min situps

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

KU WOD 2.20.13

Warm Up:
A. Kbell walk down back total 50ft, 2xbells
 1. suit case carrie +3 deadlifts
 2. rack carrie +3 front squats
 3. suit case/overhead +3 windmills
B. TGU +15 sec kbell arm bar stretch
 1. x3 right hand tgu +arm bar
 2. x3 left hand tgu +arm bar

KU WOD: 10mins EMOM
A. kbell strict press, m:2x16kg w:2x12kg
 1. x6 strict press

A. 2xbells low swing, rope, sa bent over row
 1. x45 low kbell swings, 2xbells
 2. x30 dual hands or x15 heavy rope
 3. x8 single arm bent over row r/l

Monday, February 18, 2013

KU WOD 2.18.13

Warm Up:
A. 4 corner drills
 1. forward run
 2. lateral run
 3. in out lateral
B. 4 rds
 1. x5 kbell clean r/l @16,20,24,32
 2. x3 mix pull ups

x100 air squats or 5mins of  work
x100 deadlifts @2x16kg or 5mins of work
complete reps or work for time. which ever comes first.

KU WOD: 1 min h2h, 30sec burpee/rope, 30sec rest
1. 1min H2H- flip it, twist it, tap it!
2. x3 burpees+ remaining time of 30sec is finish with power ropes
3. 30sec rest

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

KU WOD 2.13.13

Warm Up: 2 RDS
A. med ball
1. x10 chest pass
2. x10 oh pass
3. x20 rotational pass
4. x20 situp ovh throw
B. kbell russian swing with rope
1. x15
C. kbell walking lunge
1. forward walking lunge @35ft
2. backward walking lunge @35ft

A. repeat once, rest time remaining, start on the min
m: 2x24kg w: 2x16kg
1. x5 front squat
2. x4 sumo dl high pull
3. x3 jump over box 24"

KU WOD: not for time
A. 1x3 (ex: 1set x 3 reps) all right all left
1. 3x single arm swings
2. 3x single arm release catch
3. 3x single arm kbell flip
4. 3x single arm snatch
B. 3x2
C. 5x1

Monday, February 11, 2013

KU WOD 2.11.13

WarmUp: 2 Rounds
A. Kbell walks
1. suitcase
2. suitcase/rack r/l l/r
3. rack
4. rack/oh r/l  l/r
B. Bear crawl w kbell
1. 35ft r hand
2. 35ft l hand
C. kbell swing to lunge
1. x15 r lunge
2. x15 l lunge


A. 90 sec total, 10 sec position holds 2xbells
1. suitcase
2. rack
3. overhead
B. 4 min AMRAP 2xbells
1. x10 russian swings
2. x15 box jumps
3. x20 deadlifts
A. repeat A with out rest
B. repeat B with out rest
A. finish with 90 sec position holds

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

KU WOD 2.6.13

 Warm Up: 
A. mix grip pushups, bw lunge, kbell horn squat
 1. x10 pu, x20 lunge (total reps), x8 kbell h sq (move up in load each round)
 2. x8, x16, x8
 3. x6, x10, x8

6 rounds-superset A and B, no more than 60-90sec rest btw sets
A. mix grip TGU (reg/bottom bell up)
 1. x3 total reps 
B. mixed pullups- weighted, CTB, strict, kipping, unbroken, mix grips, chin over the bar
 1. x5 total reps 

Kettlebell Complex for time, squat reps go down by 1, reps run 6 to 1 then done.
m:2x20kg w:2x14kg (3 burpee penalty every time bells touch the ground)

x3 kbell cleans
x3 push press
x6 kbell front squat 

(cleans, push press, are always x3) 

finishing set:

Monday, February 4, 2013

KU WOD 2.4.13

Dynamic warmup

2 Rounds
A. dual kettlebell walks @50 Ft
 1. suitcase
 2. suitcase/rack l/r, r/l
 3. rack
 4. rack/overhead l/r, r/l
 5. overhead
B. (broad jump, backwards bear crawl) x2
 1. x3 broad jumps
 2. backwards bear crawl to start
C. 200 m run

4 Rounds of 3mins of work, 1min of rest
m:2x24kg w:2x16kg

x3 kbell cleans
x6 kbell sh to oh
x9 air squat

If needed adjust load each round to keep intensity.

Kettlebell walk series @50 Ft.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

KU WOD 2.1.2013

200m run

Warm Up
 3 rounds
1. box jump 10,8,6
2. x3 sandbag TGU's m: 90 w: 60
3. sandbag kettlebell walk 35ft R/L
4. x20 H2H

WOD : 4 rounds 

1. x50 rope work
2. x12 hammer strikes
3. prowler run 70ft m: 205 w:165
4. x10 jumping bar MU's