Wednesday, February 6, 2013

KU WOD 2.6.13

 Warm Up: 
A. mix grip pushups, bw lunge, kbell horn squat
 1. x10 pu, x20 lunge (total reps), x8 kbell h sq (move up in load each round)
 2. x8, x16, x8
 3. x6, x10, x8

6 rounds-superset A and B, no more than 60-90sec rest btw sets
A. mix grip TGU (reg/bottom bell up)
 1. x3 total reps 
B. mixed pullups- weighted, CTB, strict, kipping, unbroken, mix grips, chin over the bar
 1. x5 total reps 

Kettlebell Complex for time, squat reps go down by 1, reps run 6 to 1 then done.
m:2x20kg w:2x14kg (3 burpee penalty every time bells touch the ground)

x3 kbell cleans
x3 push press
x6 kbell front squat 

(cleans, push press, are always x3) 

finishing set:


  1. WOD#1 weighted Pullups - 3 sets 16K, 3 with 20K missed the 5th on last to attempts. TGU maxed on 14K bottom up, maxed on 24K regular grip.
    4:26 WOD#2, and I'm pissed I put the bells down.

  2. WOD1: Strict pullups with a couple kips to finish final sets. 32kg reg grip TGU's. 14kg bottom up TGU's
    WOD2: 4:30 2x20kg, put bells down 3 times. Shoulders felt weak