Monday, February 4, 2013

KU WOD 2.4.13

Dynamic warmup

2 Rounds
A. dual kettlebell walks @50 Ft
 1. suitcase
 2. suitcase/rack l/r, r/l
 3. rack
 4. rack/overhead l/r, r/l
 5. overhead
B. (broad jump, backwards bear crawl) x2
 1. x3 broad jumps
 2. backwards bear crawl to start
C. 200 m run

4 Rounds of 3mins of work, 1min of rest
m:2x24kg w:2x16kg

x3 kbell cleans
x6 kbell sh to oh
x9 air squat

If needed adjust load each round to keep intensity.

Kettlebell walk series @50 Ft.

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