Monday, February 11, 2013

KU WOD 2.11.13

WarmUp: 2 Rounds
A. Kbell walks
1. suitcase
2. suitcase/rack r/l l/r
3. rack
4. rack/oh r/l  l/r
B. Bear crawl w kbell
1. 35ft r hand
2. 35ft l hand
C. kbell swing to lunge
1. x15 r lunge
2. x15 l lunge


A. 90 sec total, 10 sec position holds 2xbells
1. suitcase
2. rack
3. overhead
B. 4 min AMRAP 2xbells
1. x10 russian swings
2. x15 box jumps
3. x20 deadlifts
A. repeat A with out rest
B. repeat B with out rest
A. finish with 90 sec position holds


  1. All 16K on the WOD, 2+ on B both times. Good times with the bells.

  2. All 2x16kg except the first round of the first B-set used 2x20kg. Too heavy to keep moving, esp on the deadlifts. Got 2+ rounds of the first B-set and just missed 2 rounds of the second B-set. Unusual and fun.