Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

200m carry- 1up, 1 down (one bell overhead the other in a farmer's carry.)
3/3 TGU
20 Box Jump
30 Med ball twist



  1. 2 rounds + the 200m again.

    1st round - 16k on walk, 14k on TGU, 20k on SDHP

    2nd round - 14k on walk and TGU, 20k on SDHP

    3rd walk - 14k, though had to walk with top wt racked to save rt shoulder from injury

  2. 2 total rounds
    1st round: 14k walk, 12k TGU, 16k SDHP
    2nd round: 12k walk, 12k, TGU, 14k SDHP

  3. ladies are beasts!!! I kept having technical difficulties on TGU. I started w/ 25 lbs but then dropped to 20 lbs & kept getting my foot caught in my mat as I was sweeping my foot. Cost me alot of time. All the lighter bells were taken so I did 7k & 8k for the walk w/ my arm locked out overhead (killer). 14k on SDHP.20" box (?). 6 lb med ball. I finished 1 round + 10 SDHP.