Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Warm Up:x3,x2,x1 @AHAP!
A. do x3 reps of 1-6
 1. sa swing (right hand)
 2. sa clean
 3. sa sh to oh
 4. windmill
 5. oh walk 50ft
 6. repeat 1-5 on left hand
B. do x2 reps of 1-6
C. do x1 rep of 1-6

KU WOD: 2xbells
A. 2 sets x5reps @24kg
 1. russian swing
 2. front squat
 3. jerk
B. 3x3 @32kg
 1. russian swing
 2. front squat
 3. jerk
C. 1min max effort @20kg
 1. russian swing
 2. front squat
 3. jerk

A. x5 reps @65lbs sandbag
 1. sandbag tgu (total reps)
 2. sandbag squat
 3. burpee over sandbag
B. x4 reps 1-3
C. x3 reps 1-3


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