Tuesday, June 7, 2011


1-10 Dolphin Burpees
20-2 R. Swing (even numbers only0

workout reads as such:

1 burpee, 20 swings - 2 burpees, 18 swings ect....

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  1. 20k
    Time / don't remember / under 16 min./

    Started off good. Half way point really started to feel the burn. Was sweating all the water my body was taking in.

    Making effort to work on my KTE's. This is a part of my nest personal challenge.

    Ended w/ working on skills of bell tossing & flipping. Didn't move quick enough when I dropped the bell & it bounced & hit my ankle. Ouch!! The bruise & knot have already started forming. Guess I need more practice on getting out of the way of a bouncing KB.