Wednesday, March 14, 2012




8 goblets
8 americans
8 pushups
8 pullups
6 goblets
6 americans
6 pushups
6 pullups
400m run


30 secs work at each station
30 secs rest/transition

5 rounds

dual cleans walk 1-2-3-2-1

extra credit:

rope pull competition


  1. all hail cesar the rope pull master!

  2. haha, by only a split second or two. Finally something I was good at!

  3. Hi everybody! My name is Bruno and I`m from Brazil. So, I CrossFit with others and we will follow you blog to do the WODs but, there are so many exercises like that I don`t know:

    1.clean ftg
    2.backwards lunge to press
    4.dual cleans walk
    5. sa swing (what is sa?)
    6. handed swing squat to bubp (what it bubp?)
    7.ground to halo (total)
    8.bub clean (swing from the outside of the legs) (what is bub?) potato squat
    10. roll to press

    Please, can anyone help us?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. 1. ftg = from the ground
    the bell touches the ground every rep

    2. hold the bell in the rack position, lunge backwards
    and as you come back up press the bell overhead

    3. put a pvc pipe (long plastic bar) over two sets of boxes and jump
    OVER the first bar and then crawl UNDER the second bar

    4. clean two (dual) bells and then walk with them in the rack

    5. sa = single arm

    6. bubp = bottoms up bell press. hold the bell by the handle and press
    the bell with the bell part facing upwards.

    7. hold the bell with two hands by the horns (outside of the handle) and tap the bell
    to the ground then bring the bell up to your chest and rotate the bell around your head
    as if you were making a halo. best to watch a video on this move to see the exact motions.

    8. bub = bottoms up bell. the bell finishes upwards facing the sky.

    9. hold the bell upside down with the bell part in one hand, gently toss the bell into
    the other hand and do a squat. as you come up gently toss the bell back into your other hand
    and do another squat...

    10. hold the bell by the horns with two hands at chest height, then drop down and roll backwards
    and touch the bell to the ground behind your head (be careful to not smash yourself in the face
    with the bell) then roll back up to standing and press the bell overhead.