Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Your Toes

Here's a look at good and bad examples of working for triple extension with kettlebells. First photo we see Jeff Martone, with the green kettlebells, dynamically jumping the bells. He aggressively drives the bells up and rapidly extends his legs. Coming to a full open hips, knees, and ankles. The other two photos below we see coach Randal Setzler and Chris Hartwell. Both put elevation on the bells. Getting separation from the body keeping the bells center of mass and a open hip. But neither reach triple extension, coming on to the toes. Failing to us the natural progression of what it is to jump.
Aside from helping with elevating the bells, coming on to the toes uses the calf muscles. Slow twitch muscle fibers design for high repetition or endurance. Kettlebell sport is a cyclic sport, same rep one after another, 10 minutes of continuous lifting. Focus on the subtle differences in your movement, open ankles, knees, hips. All the way to your toes.

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